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Doctor Money Matters

Jul 18, 2018

  1. Congrats to new residents. It’s great to see your enthusiasm and brings back energy to everyone of us. We all remember the feelings of panic we had during our first days as actual doctors. Even when you talk to grizzled old attendings, if you are nice and enthusiastic, they will teach you.
  2. I have taken a hiatus from the podcast this month. We took a family road trip in upstate new york. Beautiful and underrated area. If you have not seen niagara falls or the thousand islands, I suggest you make a plan to do so. Relatively inexpensive on the US side, but great scenery and helps you realize there is so much to see that is close by.
  3. Physician confidence. I have spoken to a few physicians recently and encouraged them to know their own worth. While there are constant negatives in medicine bombarding us from all sides, for many of us right now, the job market is actually pretty good. There was an article in the WSJ recently about how quitters are winning. Its always a good idea to keep up with salaries and employment trends in your fields, so I encourage you to  please take a look around at the various specialty job boards. I see to many physicians complaining about the lack of opportunities, and while it may be true for some, its probably not as bad as you think at this moment in time. Long term forecasts are always difficult.
  4. I have many podcasts recorded and ready for release, but I would like some ideas from you all for new topics. Please join my FB group and my email list to submit topics for discussion.
  5. I am meeting up with a few of my fellow physician podcasters next week, so who knows maybe we can do an allstar podcast. Keep listening.